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A little bit about me...

I’m an experienced web developer and product owner with ten years’ experience in front end user-centric development. I’ve worked with all aspects of website and product development including: research, design, production, launch, maintenance, promotion, and beyond. I've worked for large organizations, small businesses and individuals through my work as a freelance web developer.

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Steamboat Springs, CO

People say computer games are a waste of time, but for me, it's helped lead me to a career. Computer games (specifically Battlefield 1942) are what started my interest in computers. I started out on a site called freewebs.com (now webs.com) with simple templates. Over the course of a few months I modified the templates' HTML code to work how I wanted them to, slowly getting more customized with each edit. I soon began building sites from scratch and began freelancing. A small hobby has grown into a profession and I'm thankful for that.

I'm currently working at Kaiser Permanente in Pasadena, CA as a product owner—working to ensure KP's health care is top notch. I work with a team of awesome people who work to ensure that the experience of KP.org is consistent and easy to use (accessible) for KP's members. I've learned a lot about product management, stakeholder relations, and working for a common goal in this position.

I don't only work with websites though. In my free time, I go snowboarding, mountain bike, hike, lift weights, and occasionally golf. Living in Steamboat Springs, CO is what started my interest in snowboarding and is one the big mountain snow is one of the reasons I've decided to settle out west.

Michigan Tech Bixby Bridge
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At Kaiser Permanente, I work with a team to develop, test, and improve website experience for KP.org’s members by producing reusable HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript components consistent across all browsers. A large focus for our team is accessibility, all of our work is extensively tested for accessibility. My main role is to guide the team towards an overall vision of consistency and quality while also defining priority. I occasionally exercise my development background in producing PoCs.

Technologies Utilized: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular

Website Launch Checklist


As I've made many websites for myself, others, and while employed, there's a lot of common items that apply to most websites. I used a website launch checklist in the past, but it no longer exists, so I built my own! It's my first React project from start to finish. It utilizes Material Design via the Material UI React Library. The site has passed accessibility tests and is mobile friendly. Unlike other website launch checklists, this one also allows the user to directly interact with the list. Users can add a project URL, mark items complete, and add notes. The to-do's are also categorized for ease of use. All projects are dynamically assigned a unique URL—this allows the checklist to be used collaboratively. The data for each project is stored in a MySQL based database.

Michigan Tech's Website


As the sole FED, I developed an entirely new mobile-first responsive template used across 10,000 pages for the university website after a university rebranding, while satisfying Section 508 requirements for accessibility/WCAG. I worked with the department design lead to help guide the design in the direction of the modern browser stack. This was done to help ensure that our new design would look great on all devices and perform as expected. Managed and wrote all HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on Michigan Tech's website and various properties.

Quentin Franke


My portfolio site (this site), designed and built by me. Built with HTML5, SASS, and Vanilla JS. Features a simple design done by myself, modeled on minimalism.

There's many more projects, but they are currently under development and not ready for the open world. I'll share them here soon though.

My skillset


JavaScript - Vanilla, jQuery, Handlebars, React

Familiar Platforms & Software

Sketch/Photoshop - Right hand tool for any job!
Adobe Experience Manager
LAMP Stack
Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket - The Atlassian Suite
WordPress - Custom mods, theme development, and plugins
Percussion CMS - My main focus at Michigan Tech
Google Analytics - No site change should occur without considering the analytics! SEOmoz - Powerful SEO and stat tracking tool
General Microsoft Office Suite - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.

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Feel free to reach me via email: quentin@quentin.bz.

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